Structural Engineers–Why you should consider this during your Home Inspection period.

This Week’s Guest: Marc Durand–Residential Structural Inspections

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When should I hire a structural engineer?

Buying/Selling Of A Home:
In many instances, we are called to evaluate a potential problem un-covered after a home inspection. In this scenario, the homeowner is usually selling their home. After a general home inspection is complete, sometimes a structural engineering inspection is also
warranted. If this is the case, the home inspector will include this recommendation in his or her final home inspection report. Home inspectors are not qualified to assess and diagnose structural problems. Only a licensed, structural engineer can provide accurate assessments
and solutions for a home buyer or seller.

Proposed Renovation Projects:

If you are planning on renovating your home and it involves removing or cutting into load bearing
walls, adding living space by way of 2nd story renovation or addition with great
rooms containing wide open spaces (no supports), a structural engineering consultation is
warranted. If you are extending your living quarters, you will require design and engineering
for permit documents. Your local building department will require a licensed, professional
engineer stamp any new construction or major renovation.

Complicated structures or projects involving older homes (constructed before 1970) may also require early input from a structural engineer.

Many times homes constructed before
1960s-70s were built without prescriptive building methods. Today, state and local building codes exist to ensure contractors and home builders follow a set of pre-determined guidelines for building a home. A licensed, structural engineer is the best professional to assess the feasibility of any major home renovation project. A site visit can be conducted to evaluate potential, structural issues.

Marc Durand–Project Manager

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