Radio Show podcast – David Bouquillon, President of Laulima Development – Station Avenue a Downtown Urban Development – live, work, play and stay in Rohnert Park, CA

David Bouquillon, President of Laulima Development Joined me on The Real Estate Hour March 31st, 2019. for a great discussion about upcoming Station Avenue project, a downtown redevelopment project in Rohnert Park, CA.  – Listen here: 

A little Rohnert Park history; Rohnert Park was built on land originally owned by Waldo Emerson Rohnert, and later passed on to his son Fred Rohnert.  At that time, the land was a thriving 2700 acre seed farm.

In 1954, Paul Golis and Maurice Fredrickson, both recent law school graduates, had become very active in representing developers in the area. They came up with an idea to develop large tracts of land by first drawing up an master for the entire area. They presented the plan to Waldo Rohnert’s widow, and she agreed to sell the entire seed farm.

Paul Golis came up with a plan for the land. The core of the plan (a plan that eventually became the city of Rohnert Park) was a “neighborhood unit” concept where each “neighborhood” would consist of 200-250 homes, a school, and a neighborhood park/pool.  No home would be more than a third of a mile from the corresponding school. These neighborhoods would be supported by commercial and industrial development.  It was to be “a country club for the working class”. 8 of these neighborhood units were created, and over the years other smaller neighborhoods were added, some schools have closed and students consolidated.

Golis’ forward thinking plan was a great idea, at the time. But, it  lacked one important thing…a downtown! Maybe at the time, a downtown wasn’t necessary.  As Rohnert Park becomes more urban, the need for a real downtown becomes more apparent.

The city, after much community discussion and outreach, has determined that what Rohnert Park’s citizens want the most is a downtown core. That’s where David Bouquillon, and his company Laulima Development comes into the picture. In 2017 Laulima purchased the long vacant 32 acre State Farm campus where they plan to create a vibrant urban district…a downtown!

The Station Avenue plan will consist of retail, office space, a hotel, and eventually residential rental units, creating a well thought out urban live, work, play experience.

And the icing on the cake? Station Avenue is adjacent to the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) train connecting residents of Sonoma and Marin counties with jobs, education and shopping. The train will also deliver commuters to the Larkspur ferry terminal for a connection to San Francisco & beyond, making Station Ave the only Transit Oriented Development along the SMART route.

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About David Bouquillon; As a managing partner David is responsible for setting strategic goals, overseeing the development and construction process for all Laulima’s projects.

David’s primary responsibilities are to evaluate new development opportunities through strategic acquisition of projects with an emphasis on development opportunities and value enhancement.  David oversees all aspects of the project, from entitlement, negotiating governmental agreements, developing a leasing strategy, and development management.  With over 20 years of extensive development and construction experience in mixed-use urban real estate development.

Having served as the Senior Director for notable mixed-use projects such as Bay Street Emeryville, Santana Row, The Historic Guasti District in Ontario, CA and the Ballpark Village in Fremont, CA.

David holds a Bachelor’s degree in Building Construction Technology from the School of Construction Management at Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston. He is an active member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), and a member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI).

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