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For many of us, the thought of moving ALL our “stuff” is a bit frightening….This week’s guest, Kimberlee Foster of “Chucket!” Specializes in Down-sizing, Senior Move Management and Relocation Management.

10.5 Tips,Tricks,Strategies in getting your HOME SOLD THIS SEASON!

Here in Lovely Sonoma County, California, “The Wine Country”, we find ourselves dealing with some NEW Realities of a “Shifted” market! 10 Reasons Your Home WILL SELL!

There are some NEW Realities when Selling your home.

Number one- we are NOW in a SELLER’S market! Not since the wild and crazy days of the “bubble […]

Raging Seller’s Market in Sonoma County?

Sonoma Count, California–We are edging dramatically into a “Seller’s Market” after 5+ years of a raging “Buyer’s Market”. What is driving this transition in favor of Sellers?  Increased optimism about the economy with increased employment opportunities, life-time LOW interest rates plus scarcity of homes. 

The above graph indicates the “scarcity” of homes as the […]

Natural Hazard Disclosure Reports–Seller Required! But WHAT is it? This week you’ll find out.

  Sonoma County, California Seller’s and Buyers will discover WHY you need a Natural Hazards Disclosure Report and WHY you should use Property ID as YOUR provider. Debra Speer joins us Sunday!


Residential Reports

The Property I.D. Residential Natural Hazard Disclosure Report is the most comprehensive disclosure report available in the real estate market. […]

At the end of it’s first year, the Sonoma County Vacation Rental Ordinance has us wondering “what’s this ordinance REALLY all about?”

Russian River Area Realtor and Vacation Rental Ordinance expert, Kyla Brook — and long time Sonoma County Permit Consultant extraordinaire, Tom Havstad return, Sunday 2/12/2012, to fill us in on some strange goings on at the Permit Resources Management Department (PRMD)….hmmm, imagine that.

Do you own a vacation rental in Sonoma County? Have you complied […]

Join us this Sunday, 2/12/12 as we unravel the latest mortgage relief effort…could THIS be the real game changer??

……………………………………. Federal Government & Attorneys General reach landmark settlement with major banks

Roughly $25 billion in relief for distressed borrowers, states and federal government.

From the “” website.

After many months of negotiation, 49 state attorneys general and the federal government have reached agreement on a historic joint state-federal settlement with the country’s five largest […]

January 2012 Sonoma County Market Update; Inventory’s down…”under contracts” up….

A month by month, year over year look at the Sonoma County, California Real Estate market. 

Sonoma County’s available home inventory is down 24% over last January…with properties ” in contract” a whopping 42% higher than last year at the same time.  January 2012 hit a 12 month high of 602 homes under contract. However, […]

Sonoma County, California “New Contracts” bode well for the “Regular Buyer AND Seller”!

Sonoma County, California “under contract” sales tipping towards “regular sellers” and NOT the “distressed Marketplace”–could bode well for “move-up” market as regular sellers see value and low interest rates as a reason to make a move. See Chart below–I’ll explain this!


Regular Buyers are MAKING a comeback! Bodes well for MOVE up […]

HERS Energy Rating, Energy Audit, Energy Retrofit…SCEIP…what does it all mean??

Tune in Sunday 11/27/2011 ~ 9-10AM , 1350AM KSRO;, as John Sutter of Applied Building Science joins us again to explain…


BIO: John Sutter, Applied Building Science (ABS Northbay)

Applied Building Science is the North Bay’s premier building performance contractor.  We […]

This week’s show; Attorney Daniela M Pavone on Land Use, Landlord/Tenant, Environmental and Contract Law, Sunday 11/20 1350AM KSRO 9-10AM

You’re a landlord with tenant issues…. a tenant in a home facing foreclosure, wondering what your rights are? You have a real estate contract you just don’t understand… Private loan….TIC (tenant in common) terms to be drafted You’re a property owner with a lot line dispute, a neighbor’s tree hanging precariously over your yard…a […]